Facilities Management Company

Our Client a large national facilities management company recently adopted a new client with 32 offices located throughout the UK. It appeared that all contracts had been negotiated on at best an ad hoc basis by office managers at each site and there was no clear information available.

Our client handed over the bills to Fresh and provided letters of authority to allow us to attain contract information for the various sites. It was immediately apparent that in many cases the offices were on out of contract rates costing the firm significant sums of money.
Within 2 weeks we presented the full position back to our client with a plan to pull all contracts into line. In addition to that we were able to immediately provide savings of in excess of £10,000 per month.  This was for a number of contracts that were within the contract renewal period. It is anticipated that we will deliver total monthly savings in excess of £20,000 once we have completed the process.

Our client the facilities management company no longer has the headache of managing the energy contract and renewal process, which has reduced their overheads, they have also already earned additional money on their contract thanks to our efforts, as they are partly paid on demonstrable savings to their end user client.

Are you a facilities management company? If the above is of interest please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Client : Facilities Management Company
Services Provided : Business Gas brokering, Business Electricity brokering, contract consolodation, Energy Contract management, management reporting.

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