1990 saw the start of the privatisation of the UK Electricity market started.  This paved the way for the full deregulation of the electricity market allowing other companies to supply to regions that were previously unavailable.  There were originally 14 supply areas in the UK, with regional supply companies.  Each of these companies could only supply the customers in their respective regions.  The electricity market opened in two stages.  Firstly companies were allowed to offer products in other supply regions but the regional supplier had to have their pricing agreed by Ofgem before they could change prices.

This was to make sure that companies coming in to new areas provided cheaper products than those of the regional supplier.

After a few years of this the restrictions were lifted to allow regional supply companies to compete in a fully deregulated market.

This deregulation has created a highly competitive market bringing considerable benefits to industrial, commercial and domestic customers.  It has allowed customers the choice of supplier therefore keeping pressure on costs and promoting greater choice of tariffs and services.

Electricity Suppliers in the UK

Atlantic Electric and Gas

Atlantic Electric and Gas are part of Scottish and Southern Energy, a FTSE 100 Company.  Before becoming part of Scottish and Southern energy they had become the seventh largest supplier of electricity and gas in the UK, with over 300,000 customers.  They are now part of the largest energy distribution network in the UK and have over 9 million customers.

British Gas

British Gas is the largest energy supply company in the UK.  It is a British owned company providing gas, electricity and home repair services to millions of customers in Scotland, Wales and England.


E.ON UK are one the UK’s leading energy suppliers, the second largest electricity generator in the UK and own the second largest distribution network in the UK.  They are part on E.ON; the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas company, which has its headquarters in Germany.


Ecotricity are dedicated to green energy and invest the money there customers spend with them into clean forms of power like wind energy.  In 2007 they alone invested £25 million in wind energy.  They have been building wind turbines and selling electricity across the UK since 1996.

EDF Energy

EDF Energy is one of the largest UK energy companies and the largest producer of electricity.  They are a subsidiary of EDF Group which is one of Europe’s largest energy groups.  They generate around a fifth of the UK’s electricity and deliver electricity to around 8 million customers.

First Utility

First Utility is an energy company with a difference.  They aim to revolutionise an industry that has been built on estimated billing by delivering a smart meter that allows transparent and accurate billing.

Good Energy

Good Energy is an independent 100% renewable electricity supplier.  The business was started by a group of people committed to addressing climate change.

Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK offer its customers the option of switching from traditional brown energy to greener renewable power.  The business was set up to offer customers who are concerned about climate change the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by changing to a greener supplier.


npower are the retail arm or RWE power, a leading integrated UK energy supplier who are part of the RWE Group.  They are one of the UK’s largest energy supplier, serving residential customers as well as business customers.

Sainsbury’s Energy

Sainsbury’s Energy is provided in conjunction with EDF Energy.  As well as providing savings on electricity and gas, Sainsbury’s Energy also offers the benefit of Nectar loyalty points to its customers.

Scottish Hydro Electric

Scottish Hydro Electric is part of Scottish and Southern Energy Group.  They were one of the original electricity boards, known at the time as the North of Scotland Hydro Electric Board until and name change in 1991.

Scottish and Southern Energy are one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK and deal with nine million customers.

Scottish Power

Scottish Power Energy Retail business supplies gas and electricity to around 5 million customers across the UK.  It is part of a group that focuses on Transmission & Distribution through Energy Networks, Generation & Supply through Energy Wholesale.

Southern Electric

Southern Electric is part of Scottish and Southern Energy Group.  They supply gas and electricity across the UK and have been established for over 50 years.


Swalec is part of Scottish and Southern Energy Group.  They supply gas and electricity across the UK and have been established for over 50 years.  The brand name Swalec was created in 1990.

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