Business Gas and Electricity

Our sole purpose is to provide our clients with the most competitive Business gas and electricity in the market. We understand that a companies business gas and electricity costs are often very low on the priority list of many business owners and decision makers.  It is seen as a necessary evil and an overhead that in many cases is forgotten until contract termination dates are missed and an organisation rolls into an automatic renewal. This then goes on the back burner for another 12 or 24 months and we often find clients who have rolled this way on more than one occasion. In these cases we can often make as much as an 80% saving just by managing the process on behalf of our clients.

Once clients are in this process with us we then manage every aspect of their Business Gas and Electricity contract, contract renewals and manage the process up to contract end. We serve notices on your behalf and re-broker your business gas and electricity bills, all aspects of this are carried out with full consultation but we present the information in an easy to understand format. Many of our clients now spend minutes at most on this process in any one year and this allows them to focus on growing and managing their organisations more effectively.

We make no charge for our brokerage services to our clients, our service is 100% free, our contracts with the whole energy market means that we are paid by the supplier. This allows us to search the whole of the market on your behalf.

Our business gas and electricity clients include Manufacturing Companies, Nursing Homes, Pubs and Clubs, Retail Premises, Warehousing and Distribution, Hotels, Charities, Schools and Colleges but in essence anyone that turns a light on.

For more information or to arrange an appointment with one of our specialists please contact us.

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