Fresh NRG has a single purpose, to find the most cost effective and best fit business energy solution for our clients. As a Broker we independently trawl the market on your behalf and offer the utility companies the opportunity to provide Gas and Electricity to you, in addition we have access to rates and tariffs normally not available to an individual business. This service is provided without charge to you our client! We charge the energy company for your business. Put simply we do not make money unless we can save you money!

Who we Are

Fresh NRG is made up of a team of experienced professional brokers and utility experts with extensive experience across a broad range of industry types.

This is complemented by direct support from all major utility providers.

I would like to thank the team at fresh for not only making a significant saving on our business gas and electric over the last 24 months but also for taking the hassle out of the whole process and allowing me to focus on other areas of our business, .

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