Observations of a broker

As the economic climate becomes tougher and companies compete with each other at ever decreasing margins taking control of a business’s overheads has never been more important.

Shaving £1000.00 off annual costs can often equate to well over £50,000 of actual turnover. It is however more and more difficult for business owners to find the time to address these costs. A common alternative is to empower the office manager or senior accounts people to take charge of these overheads as “surely accounts people know a good deal when they see it, don’t they?”

We are finding more and more that this proves to be a mistake in relation to business utilities the market if anything has become more complicated over the last 24 months, there are plethora or brokers, re-billers as well as direct teams from the utility companies all promises the biggest savings. So where does a business owner or accounts person turn for help? What questions should you be asking or what things should you look for?

A good independent broker offers in most cases the best of all worlds, those that are truly independent should offer their client the best solution across the full range of options. In addition to this the broker if they wish to conduct and establish a long-term relationship with their client should have invested sufficiently in systems that client contract information is readily available and measures put in place so that termination letters, contract negotiations, renewals, etc. are managed with minimal input from the client, if this is not the case you might as well do it yourself!

Ask your broker about their investment in systems, what do they have in place?

A good broker should be able to demonstrate real savings for existing clients and be in a position to provide reference sites – if your potential broker is unable for you to give you at least a couple of contact names and or email addresses to speak too about their level of service, would you really trust them to negotiate on your behalf?

FreshNRG was founded with the soles purpose of delivery real savings and a real value proposition to our clients. Fresh has made a significant investment in IT systems and operate under a rigorous quality system to ensure that our clients receive timely contract, advice and notifications and that they on-going business utility contracts are kept with the most cost effective provider long term.

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